Doors, Decks, Windows & More

J King Services specializes in specializes in all types of door and window installation, with name brands such as Milgard, Pella, Andersen, Simonton, and Hy-Lite.

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Appliance Repair and Installation

Is you dishwasher giving you fits?  Your water heater need service?  Have you checked your furnace?  We not only perform most appliance troubleshooting and repair, but we also offer maintenance programs for every budget.  As a maintenance program customer, you will receive high-priority scheduling and always discounted labor and applicable materials and equipment charges, no matter what the call, whether it involves something covered in your plan or not.  Call us today for a personal consultation.  816.868.6030

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Handyman Services

We are happy to be able to offer our customers the very best value in home repair and handyman services available.  Our prices are usually extremely competitive.  In those rare occassions when they are not, we will always go the extra mile to make sure your problem gets solved in the best way possible.  We love hearing your stories while we are with you in your home because we truly believe every one of them is infinitely valuable.  This is more than a business for us, just like your home is more than just your house.  It is where your stories live.

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What we do and why

We take pride in being part of the army of craftsmen who build and repair the structures that make our lives what they are.

From a carpentry tradition, we love the smell of sawdust and coffee, and we love seeing the faces of our customers as their dreams and ideas for their home become a reality.

During those hours, days, or weeks that we spend with you, it is fascinating to hear about your lives.  One day we get to learn how someone came to become a school teacher, and on another, we get to help someone refit their home to accommodate new needs.

We aim to preserve not only the home you live in but also the stories that make all of us who we are.  And above all else, we strive to remember Who really owns everything, to be good stewards of all entrusted to our care, and to fiercely pursue excellence in craftsmanship, community leadership, and character and relationship development.

Lion, lamb, Jesus, King